International Seminar and Report Launch Right to Education INDEX (RTEI) 2016 Eps 2


The Right to Education Index (RTEI) research shows that from indicators measured in the survey, which comprise education governance, availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability, Indonesia scores 77 percent.

This indicates that the quality of education in Indonesia is at the same level with Honduras and Nigeria but lower than the Philippines (81 percent) and Ethiopia (79 percent). Many schools in Indonesia are considered to still have a child-unfriendly environment due to the rise in reports on violence, both physical and non-physical, at school. Cases of bullying, physical violence and sexual violence against school children have emerged so often in mass media.

The JPPI says (23/3) poor access to education experienced by people from marginalized groups needs an immediate solution. The groups include women, children in prison, disabled people, children from poor families and refugees. Carried out in 14 countries in collaboration with RESULTS International, the RTEI research aims to measure the fulfillment of people’s rights to education. (tjp, 2017)

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